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When you want to write and don't know what, simply do. Allow the words to fall upon the page. See what comes out. Often the words appear to be at such a distance that they are unable to reach the... Continue Reading →

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DailyBurn016: Soul Searchin

Hey Big Head. Okay - that's rude. But how does one break the "awkward" silence? Clear your throat. Drop a pencil. Cough. Or 'Sup Big Head' you. *shrug* what do you want from my life? Issa pandemic. Hey there Rapunzel,... Continue Reading →

DailyBurn015: How’s It Going Down?

So ...against what might be considered my "better judgment" I am back on the dating apps. I mean, can they even be called that? It doesn't seem so many are actually wanting a date - or what (at least long... Continue Reading →

DailyBurn014: Follow Me

As I sit to write this, I am just about CERTAIN I did this before. But, because I'm already typing right now, and don't want to stop myself from allowing my train of thought, I'm just gonna go with it.... Continue Reading →

DailyBurn013: Just Because It Won’t Come Easily

Hey Rapunzel So I have been dealing. Curiously participating in a world where what I do seems to be the lunch pin between my having what I want and achieving what has been set before me to complete. Now there... Continue Reading →

DailyBurn012: I Want You Around

First off, because - why not - "fuck 12!" I mean, I don't really know what those words mean. BUT ...this IS the full circle presentation (or half-way point, if you will) since it's been more than 4 months since... Continue Reading →

DailyBurn011: I’ve Been Searchin

Hey Rapunzel: You were the best -the best- thing baby To ever come into my life With you I never had to worry You kept me so satisfied Glenn Jones has it right. "Makes me wonder what I'd do if... Continue Reading →

DailyBurn010: Whoa.oo.oh.oh …Sweet thang🌞

Say what you mean to say. What is “finished” ...when it is <still> affected by everything that comes after <that which finished>? Oh...HEY RAPUNZEL! 💋 ~Me

DailyBurn009: If It Isn’t Love

Dearest Rapunzel: In the background of this moment, Brother Ali is using the perfect sample from the illustrious E.Badu: “Keep in mind that I’m a artist ...and I’m sensitive about my shit ...sensitive about my shit.”Mz.Badu What is there to... Continue Reading →

DailyBurn008: What About Your Friends

"If your friend is true they'll be there with you through the thick and thin" Hey hey Rapunzel: Let us first begin with a disclaimer: I am doing my best to be clear in that some parts of this will... Continue Reading →

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